Beizhu Culture
1, Beizhu Tenet : Make customers satisfied, responsible for society, to promote enterprise to development
2, Beizhu Vision: International engineering company
3, Beizhu Mission: To provide high efficiency, environmentally friendly plastic construction formwork.
4, Beizhu Operation Principle : Marketing is the guidance; Management is central; Efficiency is the target.
5. Beizhu Management Idea : Encourage positive efforts, standardize business processes, restricting the violations, prompted collaborative symbiotic scientific, standardized, fair management is the love and care for employees, respect personality, practical, fact-finding mission, according to the system management.
6, Beizhu Service Concept: Try our best to meet all customers’ requirements;
7, Beizhu Concept Of Select Talent:  loyalty, integrity, effectiveness, innovation.

About Us
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