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Summary:FAQ about Beizhu Formworks

Customer Order FAQ

Please click the following question which you wonder, if these answer are not enough to you, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you as soon as possible.


These below prices are belong to FOB , and shipping by China Port .

Our formworks has four models,price as follows:

Size (mm)                 Color       Fob Shanghai price/USD

915*1830*16.5           Grey        26

1220*2440*16.5        Grey        43.5

915*1830*18             Grey        27

1220*2440*18          Grey        46 

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Our formworks has four models,price as follows:

Size (mm)                   Color     Weight    Fob Shanghai /Ningbo price

915*1830*16.5             Grey       13.5        26

1220*2440*16.5          Grey       24          43.5

915*1830*18               Grey        14         27

1220*2440*18            Grey        25         46

The rough price of one 20ft container formworks is 20000USD.

The rough price of one 40ft container formworks is 38000USD.

The HS code of our formworks is :39259000 

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Advantages Of PP Formworks

1.Light weight, high strength, high hardness, impact resistance, wear resistance.

2. Surface is smooth, bright and clean; Casting molding effect is good.

3.No absorption of moisture, no deformation, no mildew; Long-term immersion stratification in the water, no bubbles, sheet size stability, especially suitable for underground and damp environment.

4. Good toughness. Can be used to make other different shapes and size formworks.

5. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance; Very suitable for the engineering application in coastal areas, mine, as well as seawall. It is need not do any preservative treatment both in using and storing the formworks, which do not pollute the concrete surface.

6. The times of reuse can reach more than 60 times, long service life.

7. Waste products can be recycled and reprocessed, making full use of waste materials, This property can greatly reduce the project cost, compared with wooden formworks and bamboo formworks.

8. Environmental protection and energy saving, no pollution.Without any poisonous or harmful gas.

9.Demoulding easily. No need brushing release agent, only tapping, the formworks will fall off. Shorten working hours and speed up the construction schedule efficiently.

10. Easy to process. Sawing, drilling and nailing are all available. Formworks can be combined vertically and horizontally optionally.

11. Easy to remove. Removing is convenient, quick and safe, and the supporting is also easy to operate, advantageous to the organization construction, effectively improving the construction schedule.Save cost up to 50%.

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Comparison of different kinds of formworks



BEIZHU PP Hollow plastic formwork

Common plastic formwork

Plywood formworks

traditional bamboo formworks

wear resistance





Corrosion resistance






Can be arched




 Impact strength





Deformed After absorbing water










Mold release agent

   No need      

No need  



Bend after used





Weight (kg/sq)




















Cost of Use





Reusable Times





Speed Of Demold

Fast (Due to light weight)




10m Height Drop Test

No Damage

No Damage



Speed Of Installation

Fast (Due to light weight)




After Demolding, Needs Brush The Walls





Labor Costs





Material Costs





Average formwork Cost/   each time





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Comparison of metal formworks

1,The price of metal formwork is much higher than plastic formworks.

2.Because of the heavy weight of the metal formworks,the builder need to rent cranes and other equipment.The rent fee is also big cost.

3.Because of the heavy weight of the metal formworks,the labor cost is higher,the speed of installation and speed of

demoulding is slow.

4.The metal formworks must be used in High - rise building, in order to reduce the use of costs.

If the floor number of the building is less than 30,we do not suggest to choose metal formworks.

5.Because of the re-usability,if use PP hollow plastic formwork to construct 30-storey high-rise,just need to purchase formworks for 3 storeys.

6.When use aluminum alloy formworks,the structural drawings and construction drawings must be very accurate,and need to design the size of formworks in advance,otherwise the size of formworks can not suitable for the project.

7.When using aluminum formwork ,size can not be modified,but plastic formwrk can be cut according to the requirements.

8. One-time investment of metal formwork is high, very expensive.

9.After using,the surface of concrete and aluminum had a chemical reaction, the concrete surface is smooth, but there will be some small bubbles.

10. Because there is no corrosion resistance,so the aluminium formworks cannot be used on construction basement.

Comparison of aluminum formworks

1.The aluminum alloy template must be used in standard high rise buildings, in order to reduce the use of costs (construction of a single building below 30 floors is not suggested, only if the phased construction).

2.Every thing must be very accurate whether in the design, or the needs of the owners of the structural drawings and construction drawings if using aluminum alloy template; in addition, size can not be modified; ( while plastic formwrk can be cut according to the need. )

3.One-time investment is high, very expensive.

4.The surface of concrete and aluminum will play a chemical reaction and the plate will not be smooth after several times. small bubbles appear.

5. Aluminum template is not available for the basement construction.

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Formworks Packaging Details:

Outer Fumigation Pallets:

Total G.W is about 11040kg, Total N.W is about 10600kg,

Unit size of small formwork pallet is 1830mm * 915mm

Unit size of big formwork pallet is 1220mm*2440mm

Size (mm)             Color           QTY/20 FT   QTY/40 FT   QTY/40HQ

915*1830*16.5       Grey              930PCS       1800PCS        1950PCS

1220*2440*16.5    Grey              440PCS        988PCS         1060PCS

915*1830*18         Grey              858PCS        1716PCS        1859PCS   

1220*2440*18      Grey              424PCS        947PCS        1026PCS

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Please check this below link to view the instruction of our all products.

Customers' main questions of PP formwork :

1.Q: We can use what kind of nails?(Do your company suggest any type of screw?)

A: We recommend to use the ordinary steel nails or screws.

2.Q: Can I screwed up on this surface?How the nail-holding power of your product ?  

A: The method of using our PP formwork is as same as the plywood formwork.

And our PP formwork nail-holding power is stronger than plywood formwork.

3.Q: What is the length of the nail?

A: We recommend that the length of the nail is two times of the PP formwork's     thickness .


4. Q:If I want to cut PP formwork in order to make various sizes of formwork for  different  areas,is it easy to cut them to suit? What tools can I use to cut them?Can I use a normal circular saw to cut? Do I use a normal timber saw or is there a specific saw disc for it?

A: The method of cutting Our PP formwork is as same as cutting plywood formworks,you can use normal circular saw and normal timber saw to cut it.

For more convenient cutting, please use tungsten steel saw blade with over 80 meshes when you cutting the PP formwork.


5. Q: What is the method of using PP formwork?

A: The method of using PP formwork is as same as the plywood,the only thing we recommend that is using wooden or metal beam.


6. Q:What is the separation distance of wooden or metal beam.

A: To make the wall smooth,and there is no deformations,we recommend that the bottom of the wall's metal beam central distance is 10-15cm,the middle of the wall's metal beam central distance is 15cm, the top of the wall's metal beam central distance is 18.75cm,(we usually use metal beam central distance is 15cm).

The space between wood beams for a column should be not more than 100mm; the space between wood beams for a shear wall should be not more than 130mm; the space between wood beams for a roof should be not more than 200mm.


7. Q:What is the fight against ability?

A: Our production fight ability is very strong, you can see our test report, and we also provide free samples for your testing.We have tested, It is intact after a truck with 5 tons driving on.  

We have actually detected the strength of the PP formwork many times,it will not deformation when pouring the cement


8.Q:Is your formwork UV proof?

A:Lifetime of our formwork reaches 2 years, because of special processing with adding special material. After our experiment, it will not cracked after longtime shining.


9.Q:If we want to add UV,is that ok?

A:Yes,we can add UV,the price need add 1 USD/pc for small size formworks 1830mm*915mm,the price need add 2 USD/pc for big size formworks.


10.Q:Will your formworks cause deformation ?

A:Our PP formwork manufacturing process is all-in-one-shaped,the whole panel material is made of PP plastic alloy, so any parts of the PP formwork's chemical and physical properties are the same. Because of this, when using it,they have no deformation,and the nail holding power is the same.

The entire panel is waterproof and does not require a release agent.

  Although the other formwork the surface is flat, but their core material and surface material is different, that casing different coefficient of expansion.

So other formwork can easily cause deformation.


11.Q:Can the material withstand heavy load when placed flat on the wall.

A:We have actually detected the strength of the PP formwork many times,it will not deformation when pouring the cement.


12. Q:Can the material withstand  exposure to sunlight and other natural elements.

A:In the actual use of the PP formwork,there are no problem that the PP formwork surface temperature
reached 60 degrees Celsius.


13.Q:Some of the big contractors here already have experience with plastic formwork (MCF Panel) the biggest problem for plastic formworks according to them is heat resistance.  The plastic formworks deforms and warps when heated and if placed directly under the sun.   Whether Beizhu PP formworks can withstand certain amount of heat and would not warp in case exposed to direct sunlight?

 A:MCF sheet is not entirely made of plastic,it middle is wood,then put on the plastic on the wood.

Because of the plastic and wood material have different heat absorbing capacity, so MCF panel will be deformed easily.

Our PP formwork is made entirely of plastic, it can avoid deformation effectively.

We put our gray PP formwork on the sun exposure every day, and now our temperature at noon to reach 40 centigrade,the temperature  of the gray  formwork surface in the  50-60 centigrade.In the actual use of the PP formwork,there are no problem that the PP formwork surface temperature reached 60 degrees Celsius.The gray formwork is not deformed.

The gray formwork is not deformed.


14.Q:What about the reusable time of your formworks?

A:Reusable times:80-100 times.

Our guarantee 60 times or two years.


15.Q:What's the temperature your PP plastic formworks can withstand?

A:  -10 ~ +95


16.Q: How many meters longest the formwork can do?

A:Any length you wanted.But we suggest 2440mm,because this length is easy to load and transport.


17.Q: How many meters for the most breadth formwork?



18.Q: How to join the formworks?

A:The same with formworks link,we use the wooden to nail the formworks together.

If you still has any question about our products , please feel free to contact us.

Below is the key points about construction technique and safe operation:

1.Please avoid the peak of the heat when matching the mold. Then the effect after releasing mould is better.

2.When matching mould for column, beam and balcony, please use package pressure process.

3.Please place the PP formwork as flat as plywood formwork prevent the deformation after releasing the mould.

4.Please have your building workers skill trained when you use PP formwork first time. This is an essential part.

5.Method of use as well as wooden template , hollow plastic template reinforcement direction with batten direction placed in cross shaped.

6. No need to smear the mold release agent before using templates.

7.When cast-in-place the flat plate, spacing between the keels should be 20 ~ 25 cm, and the spacing between the wall plate and keel should be 10 ~ 20 cm.

8. The seam-line between templates should be taped.

9.The length of nail should not be too long, generally about 30 ~ 35 mm.

10.The strength to drive nails should be moderate.

11.When removing the formwork, should start from the small part of one end, the support and the plates should be removed at the same time aiming at preventing the template widespread drops, don't let the corner drop on the ground vertically.

12. The template accesses to be mixed used with wood veneer, bamboo veneer and other material plate.

Construction Operation:

1.When the hollow building template is used on the intersecting surface , it can be 14 mm thick, when used for transverse shear wall it should be 14 ~ 15 mm thick.

2. The distance between wood: (1) on the surface of the intersection wood square distance according to the thickness of the slab concrete, in general, if the thickness of slab concrete is less than 0.15 m ,the wood square distance  should be 250 ~ 300 mm.(2) the distance between wood of  the shear wall is adjusted by the height and thickness of the wall, for example, the wall is 2800 mm high and  300 mm thick, wood square distance should be 100 ~ 200 mm using a 14 mm thickness template, and be 150 ~ 250 mm with 15 mm thick planks of wood, if the shear wall, width of the pillar is thick more than 1 m, must add the fixed frame.

3. Between templates is normally should no space, but if the temperature difference is 5 ~ 10 , then should reserve 1 ~ 2 mm gap.

4. There shouldn't be gaps between the die shear wall and column puzzle, there must be wood square in internal Angle (the bottom of the wall) beam to insure the beam frame, wall and templates connect well. Shear wall formwork must be assembled into the whole piece before lifting, and then spread tablet, thus can reduce labor intensity, as well as improve the forming effect .

5. When nailing the template, the distance between the template edge and nail should be 15 ~ 30 mm, the strength of driving nail should be moderate, length of nails should be 30 ~ 35 mm, not too long or too short.

6.There must be a seam allowance for the wood in the beam bottom,make the wallboard stand on seam allowance of wood square, thus can ensure the leak leak not slurry and save wallboard material efficiently.

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Testing Report

The testing is done under the following parameters:

1. Capability of material to last up to 60 times usage.

2. Flexibility and strength of materials

3. Heat resistance

4. deformation

5. water and moisture resistance

6. pull off capacity

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Delivery Period

Please refer to the following Delivery Period :

Formworks with size 1830mm*915mm          :  2 weeks

Formworks with size 1220mm*2440mm        :  3 weeks


About the shipping :

Our port is Shanghai or Ningbo , if you are from France /Canada/ Israel/ Norway/ Australia/ Germany/ UK/ Saudi Arabia/ Ukraine/ Russia/ USA, the delivery time is about 15 -20 working days. If from other countries, the delivery time is about 30 days or more.

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Small size samples (15cm*15cm or 15cm*10cm less than 4 pcs,1.5KG)are free of charge,customers are afford the express fee.We will return your sample fee when you buy in bulk.

Other samples are not free.Below are the prices:



30cm*30cm /pc=3USD






After choose the suitable size of the samples,

1.If the total sample cost and express fee less than 100USD,please pay us via Paypal,the account of our Paypal is

Or pay us via West-Union,please check payment information as below:

City: Taiyuan

Province: Shanxi

District: Xiaodian

Street: Kangning street

Receiver: Last name: Cui   First name: Yue

2.If the total sample cost and express fee more than 100USD,please make the order through Alibaba.

Big size samples can be purchased through the following Alibaba links.

3.If you have DHL or FedEx import account number,the courier pickup address is :

No.10-1006,Shanxi international business center block A,Kangning Street,Xiaodian District,Taiyuan city,Shanxi Province.Post code :030032.

Tel: 0086-351-2579688

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MOQ of our standard formworks is 300 pcs.

The prices vary depending on order quantity.

If you want to do OEM or ODM, the MOQ of formworks is 2000pcs.

Order Process & Payment term

Order online Secure Payment of

Step 1: Please check this link. 

Step 2: Please click the"Start Order"and fill out the order information , or tell us what you want to order ,we will fill out this order contract and send to you to make sure.

Step 3: According to the prompt to finish payment.

Payment term : T/T , MasterCard , Visa , e-Checking(ACH)


Order offline:

Step 1: You place order to us by email or message via alibaba.

Step 2: We send PI to you for your confirmation.

Step 3: You make payment after confirmation.

Payment term :30% advance by T/T before production,70% balance by T/T before shipping from factory.


T/T Account No:





   BENEFICIARY'S  A/C NO. 139234066945


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Warranty is 60 reusable times or 2 years.

There are any problems within one year, we will change it for you.


We can provide OEM,ODM service.

The MOQ of OEM product for 14mm thickness is 700 pcs.

The MOQ of OEM product for other size is 2000 pcs.

For the thickness 27mm formworks,customer needs pay the mould fee (50400USD)for the formworks,The fob price for small size formworks (1830mm*915mm) is 40 USD/pc.

The fob price for big size formworks (1220mm*2440mm) is 71 USD/pc.



For other size,please send us the detail document of your customized plan,we will check the price for your reference.

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Exclusive Agent

First, thanks for your intention about to be the exclusive agent of us.

Now we have agent in some cities in USA,Thailand,Philippines,Vanuatu,UAE,Chile,India,and Egypt.

Beside USA,Thailand,Philippines,Vanuatu,UAE,Chile,India,and Egypt,Beizhu PP hollow formworks already are sold to Greece,Korea,Mexico,Jamaica,Russia,Saudi Arabia,Mauritius,Maldives,



According to company policy , the applicant of exclusive agent needs to be more than 6 months of dealer first.So that in this way , we both have enough time to observe each other that if it is the correct decision.Within these 6 months the sales volume should be not less than 5 containers.After this you can be our agent,and the annual sales should be not less than 10 containers per year.


Hopefully our future cooperation will be smooth and pleasant.

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Export countrys and pictures show

Our formworks has saled around the world,such as: Australian 、Mexico、France、 Italy、Sweden 、South Africa 、India 、Jamaica 、Thailand……We are very famous in this field,bellow we'll show some customers pictures.

1).Customers come from Mexico

2).Customers come from India

3).Customers from Australia

4).Customers come from Jamaica

5).Customers come from Thailand

6).Customers from Kazakhstan

7).Customers from Ukraine

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Customs give high praise to our formworks, not only be satisfied with the quality but also for the price 、handling and market response.

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Video for our formworks     How To Use Our Plastic Formwork ?     Customers' Test Vedio Of Plastic Formwork     Customer's Feedback Of Plastic Formwork     How About The Strength Of Plastic Formwork?     One second demoulding effect    Construction Formwork Samples For Customers     Customers' Visit Beizhu Plastic Formwork Factory    how to cut plastic concrete formwork?     How to pack plastic concrete formworks?     How about the nail holding power of plastic formwork     what temperature range the plastic formwork can withstand ?

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How to test the quality of plastic formworks?

Below are two easiest methods to test the quality of plastic formworks:

1.To test whether the formworks being out of shape and in a wave-like when laying in summer:

Put the plastic formwork sample in the 70℃ hot water for 5 min, wrench the mold to check if it would be softened. If so, the formwork is unvailable in summer.

2.To test whether the formwork would carck by pounding nails, break by removing in winter: put the plastic formwork sample in the fridge of 10 degrees below zero temperature for 24 hours, then nail at 10mm away from the edge of the mold, to check whether the formwork cracks. If so, the formwork is not available in winter.

The above tests is just to test the basic performance of plastic formworks. If the plastic formwork in your hand can not meet above test requirements, we suggest not to buy it.

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Ways of recycling

1.sell again at low price to recycle

2.cut into small pieces as commodity shelf

4.marine formwork houses' floor

6.simple plant growing container

7.simple construction mobile room or animals' house

8.tray plate

9.portable toilets on the construction site

10.desk, stool

11.rainproof shed roof 

12.insulated backing board for machine

13.the waterproof roof or wall of the car wash area

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Contacts of Sales

Website :

Email :

Skype : beizhuradiator

Cellphone:+86 18735183312    

Service hours : 9 am – 10pm GMT+8

Address : Zhaojiabu Industrial Zone,Qingxu County,Taiyuan City,China.

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