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(1) Roof plastic building templates support provided: flute spacing times the thickness determined in accordance with, the general construction conditions, less than 150 times a thick slab flute pitch (center distance) is 350 ~ 400mm; 150 ~ 250 times thicker slabs flute pitch (center distance ) separation 300 mm. Compared with the normal use of bamboo plywood formwork, the spacing of sub-shocked increased 50mm, concrete surface flatness deviation smaller, thereby achieving the effect of fair-faced concrete.

(2) shear plastic building templates provided support: In 2800 the wall height, wall thickness 300, for example, the use of 12mm templates, vertical sub-rib spacing (center distance) of 250mm; 15mm using templates, vertical sub-flute spacing (center distance) of 300mm. Compared with the normal use of bamboo plywood formwork, second flute spacing, concrete surface flatness deviation basically the same, but the concrete surface smooth, clean water to achieve concrete results, better perception of quality

Plastic building templates of the same thickness, in certain units and certain loads, plastic deformation of the smaller building templates, stiffness, after pouring the concrete form removal surface flatness better than bamboo plywood formwork. In large loads, such as shear wall template, larger carrying capacity, is required to reduce or increase the pitch once shocked the thickness of plastic building templates, that can meet the technical requirements for the construction of concrete lateral pressure is large template.

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