BEIZHU Plastic Concrete Formwork
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          BEIZHU GROUP has founded nearly 30 years.For 30 years we

 improve our products continually.Now our plastic formwork is more

 and more popular,owns important percent in the market of construction


          Quality plastic formwork support system has extremely obvious

 advantages---the advantage of large steel formwork impression as well

as the advantage of easy to support and excellent flexibility of the wooden

formwork. Plastic formwork can be fixed to wood beam by nail,and can

freely be connected in vertical and horizontal direction according the size

 of concreting construction,very convenient to construct,using specialized

holding clamp can make the concreting size more accurate.With the

appliance of plastic formwork,the appearance quality of concrete is more

ensured,and the operation of plastic formwork is more convenient than steel,

 wooden and baboon formwork. It is recycled(can be recycled more than

 30 times),so the total cost is much lower than the current use of bamboo

template construction, and it has excellent flame retardant performance,

 from self-extinguishing fire, smokeless,plastic formwork is a new, green,

energy-saving products.

If you are interested in our plastic formwork,pls feel free to contact us!

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